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    Ken Osborne and Sammi Wilmoth
           509 N. College Ave.  
Fayetteville, AR  
The Osborne Law Firm is a friendly, full service law firm serving Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers,  Bentonville, and all of Northwest Arkansas.  We handle all types of accident cases (auto, truck, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents), Social Security Disablilty cases, Workers' Compensation cases, criminal defense cases, and all types of family law cases.  We will fight hard for you.  We always return phone calls.  Ken Osborne and Sammi Wilmoth offer free phone consulations.  Se Habla Espanol.  
                      Give us a call at 479-521-7727.  
Social Security Disabilty Cases
            Workers' Compensation Cases
Ken Osborne and Sammi Wilmoth can help you recover compensation for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering when you are injured in an auto accident, motorcycle  wreck, tractro-trailer accident,  slip and fall or other accident caused by the  neglience of others. They can help you navigate through the complex world of insurance.  Knowing how to use the right coverage at the right time can have a huge impact on your ultimate recovery.    Ken and Sammi will work hard to maximaze your recovery.  We are not afraid to go to court.  We have made some large recoveries over the years including $525,000.00 on a drunk driver accident, $475,000.00 on a 18 wheeler case, $350,00.00 for an automobile wreck, and $350,00.00 for a slip and fall.  

If you hire us, you really do get to talk to your attorney.  We ALWAYS return phone calls and answer e-mail.   All accident cases are NO WIN NO FEE.   
 If you have been injured on the job, you need to call an experienced attorney right away, before you lose your rights.  This may be your first Workers' Comp claim but it certainly not your employer's first case.  They know all the rules.  You want to make  the rules and statutes work for you and not against you.  Your employer will have an attorney and you need one too.  Ken Osborne and Sammi Wilmoth have a combined 35 years of experience helping injured workers. They can help you follow all the rules, get a change of physician, maximize your benefits and walk you through the appeal process if your claim has been denied.  Ken and Sammi always answer or return phone calls. 

If your injury is so severe that you need to apply for Social Security Disability, Ken and Sammi will know how your  two cases will affect each other.  we can also help you explore potential thrid party cases.

Let Ken and Sammi FIGHT HARD FOR YOU.  No Win No fee.
Ken and Sammi will act as your advocate as you pursue your claim.  We will assist you at all appeal levels.  We will be with you all the way.  At Osborne and Wilmoth Law Firm, we beleive preparation and good communication with our clinets is essential to a successful outcome.  We will be well-prepared as we present your case to the Adminstrative  Law Judge.   We  WILL return your phone calls and answer your e-mail daily. 

 Ken and Sammi  will fight hard for you.

Criminal Defense
Family Cases
Civil Cases
We realize how important the outcome of a divorce, a child support case, a child custody case or a paternity case is to your life.   These cases can have a major impact on your family for years.  We understand that.   We strive to be sensitive to the emotional turmoil that may be associated with your case.  Ken Osborne and Sammi Wilmoth will  fight hard for your and your family.   We wil keep you informed thoughout your entire case.  We will always return your phone calls and answer your e-mails. 
Our attorneys handle alll types of criminal cases.  Ken Osborne and Sammi Wilmoth have both handled comples cases in State and Federal court.  Both attorneys have    successfully tried cases to juries in many different courts and won appleals at the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.  We have defended numerous types of cases including drug cases, assault, fraud, terroristic threatening, embezzlement, money laundering, counterfeiting, computer crimes, gun charges and DWIs.  We seek justice and fight hard for our clients.  We will zealously defend you.

We defend misdemeanor and felony charges.  We handle "big" and "small" cases in all Northwest Arkansas city district courts, state circuit courts and U.S. District  Courts.  We do appeals to athe Arkans Court of Appeals, Arkansas Supreme Court and the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.
We handle all types of civil cases..  We will defend you agressively if you are sued.  If you need to file a lawsuit, we will be with you every step of the way.  we will aggressively pursue the other side to help you get the justicve you deserve.  We can handle contract disputes, real estate disputes, business disputes, help you draft a contract, or evict a non-paying tenant.
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Our Approach
At the Osborne Law Firm we understand that you aren't hiring an attorney because things are going so well.  Injured clients often deal with financial stress along with mobility issues and pain.   We know that divorces affect the whole family.   We do everything we can alleviate your stress as your case progresses.  We will keep you informed every step of the way.  We will answer or promptly return you phone calls when you have questions,   We will always answer your emails.  As we are fond of saying, "We aren't tall building lawyers, so come on in and have a cup of coffee"  At the Osborne Law Firm,  our attorneys  will treat you like family.