LAW FIRM
This is what some satisfied clients had to say.
  1. Ken
    AUTOMOBILE INJURY CASE ***** Tony, December 29, 2015
    "Ken did an outstanding job in the handling of my case. I was rear ended and the young ladies insurance company was less than willing to offer fair compensation. With Ken's efforts we were able to get a settlement that I was satisfied with in spite of several unusual circumstances."
  2. Sammi
    "Exceptional service and knowledge" ***** Heath, August 20, 2016
    Sammi was terrific at every stage of my custody battle. From my first consultation to our settlement, Sammi displayed knowledge, professionalism and empathy with regard to the circumstances of my case.. I was kept well informed and was always able to contact her for answers to my questions but never felt like she was trying to rack up billable hours as with attorneys I had used in the past. Heath
  3. Y